Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is the media arm of the Barbados Association of Compliance Professionals (BACP). Its vision is for the BACP to be recognised in the regional financial industry as a key partner, advocate and resource for the development of efficient and effective compliance governance standards and financial system integrity. Through its efforts, the Public Relations Committee seeks to elevate the status of the BACP among key stakeholders such as industry regulators, financial institutions, other compliance associations and the University of the West Indies.  The Public Relations Committee also has responsibility for:

·         Media management – it will be the voice of the BACP, preparing, vetting and disseminating all media information.

·         Membership development – it will be a source of professional development for members.

·         Relationship management – it will oversee workshops, conferences and other social events.


Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Barbados Association of Compliance Professionals (BACP) is in compliance with the laws and subsidiary legislation which governs the BACP’s existence in Barbados. The Policy Committee must also craft internal controls, policies and procedures related to the sound and continued operation of the BACP.  It seeks to ensure that the BACP will have a strong corporate governance framework.


Training and Development Committee

The Training and Development Committee is responsible for the continual professional development of members of the Barbados Association of Compliance Professionals through the provision of seminars and workshops and addressing of training requirements to the members. The Committee also provides email notifications of upcoming training initiatives such as seminars, workshops and webinars hosted by industry partners.

Membership Committee

The mission of the Membership Committee is to recruit new members, retain current members and engage the membership of the BACP.